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  • 2AM Bluegill step-by-step
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2AM Bluegill step-by-step

Here is one of our favorite patterns for pike and bass over the last few seasons. Enjoy!

Hook: 2/0 Gamakatsu B10S
Thread: 210 Ultra thread
Eyes: Yellow dumbbell eyes
Lead: Medium lead wire
Tail: Steve Friars flash blend in olive and white, Peacock herl, Black Ice wing
Body: Olive and white marabou, Dark olive Finn raccoon
Head: Orange ostrich herl, Yellow marabou, Olive and white ice dub

1. Tie on and attach small or medium dumbbell eyes to underside of hook and secure with super glue

2. Add 10 wraps of medium lead wire and secure with thread and super glue

3. Use a white synthetic and tie into underside of the hook at the halfway point of the material to make a tail. Once doubled over it should be about 3 to 4” in length

4. Use same technique as step 3, and tie in a light green synthetic on top. I did this step twice to build a taller body

5. Use a black marker to give the tail section bars and trim to desired profile

6. Tie in 3 strips of peacock herl along the back of tail, and curl to match the body profile.

7. Tie in a clump of black synthetic on top of the herl, in this case, its black ice wing

8. Take a full marabou feather in tan or green and tie it in along the top so about 1.5 inches is left

9. Tie in a few clumps of dark green finn raccoon along the top. Craft fur would work as a substitute

10. Tie in a small amount of white marabou on the underside of the fly. It doesn't have to be a lot.

11. Take about 4 to 5 strips of orange ostrich herl and tie in on the lateral line of each side of the fly so they are about 1” in length

12. Take about 4 to 5 strips of a yellow marabou feather and repeat step 11 for each side of fly

13/14. Take olive and white Ice dub and build a head by tying it in at the mid point on the top, each side and bottom of the hook and then brushing it back

15. Tie off and finish off head. Then color top of olive ice dub black with a marker

16. Fish it!


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  • fly patternfly tyingstep by step

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