Disco Ball, Step by Step

Here's a step by step for one of our baitfish patterns. If you look closely at a small baitfish, they reflect multiple colors and are often somewhat transparent, So we bring you the "Disco Ball". Try this out for smallmouth bass or swap out a different hook to make it a saltwater pattern!


Hook: Gamakatsu B10s 1/0
Thread: Ultra 210, Black
Body: White Bucktail
Wing: Blue, silver, and light pink holographic Flashabou
Collar: Senyo's Freckled Predator Wrap, UV gold
Head: Fish Skull, olive

1. Start thread and wrap 1/3 of the hook shank.

2.Take a clump of white bucktail from the very base of the tail, this behaves more like deer body hair.

3. Clean and spin bucktail onto the hook reverse so the tips are pointing towards the hook eye.

4. Now reverse tie the bucktail by building a dam of thread. This is where the 210 thread helps.

5. Add the three colors of flash as a wing, keeping them on the top half of the fly. It should hang just past the bucktail by about 3/4"

6. Tie in a 3" strip of the Predator wrap and comb all the fibers to the back.

7. Palmer the Predator wrap 3 times around. Then tie off and whip finish. The head will be covered so it doesnt need to be fancy.

8. Glue on a Fish Skull using Loctite Gel Contol super glue. I then used white and black paint pens to do the eyes, and covered them by filling the eye recess on the fish skull with CCG Hydro.

Mix the color of bucktail and Flashabou for different color combos!

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