Brown Water

“Man, that’s some sweet brown water,” the usually cantankerous Steady Rollin’ Beer Over Flowin’ Bob Margollin whispered as to not disturb the sanctity of the topic at hand.  In the present company’s vernacular, the term “brown water” refers to one of two things, and on a day that will go down in the annals both. A quick survey of the surroundings revealed which of the two he was speaking of. Cut banks, log jams, riprap, a foot or two of visibility and enough boulders to make the perfect lair for the apex predator in the salmonid family, Mr. Brownstone. A cast was made and the streamer landed above the beaver’s handiwork with an upstream mend. Three quick strips and it swung underneath an overhanging log and into its shadow. Out he came with the mal intent of Troy Palomalu sizing up a receiver cutting over the middle. After the line came tight a strip set followed that would have rivaled some of the best seen on any given Saturday morning bass show. Oh the beauty of fishing fifteen pound flora dora straight to the business end. I’m sure anyone worth their weight in gaudy rubber legged streamers has been guilty of pulling up on rivers and immediately surveying them for their potential to be the humble abode of your favorite quarry. When its coupled with the rubbing of hands and an unbridled excitement in anticipation of having the opportunity to fish an area that no self respecting brown trout could turn his nose up at, you’ve found the first and arguably the most elusive of the two brown waters. There are countless streams that fit this criterion any one of which could be holding that trophy brownie you’ve been searching for. Get on the water early, fish at night, be persistent and you will be rewarded. It may take weeks, months, years, or even decades but if you keep at it, the stars will eventually align and it will happen. As for the second type of brown water, no group of fisherman surrounding a campfire sharing fishing tales should be devoid of. 

- The Sheriff



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