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So here's the deal. I moved north last summer back to Minnesota from Colorado. We need a boat box for next summer. The smallie fishing up here is dumb, so we are aren't going to Cabelas. We are going straight to the source. Signature tier or bust. Let's do this. First up, the man.

Matt Bennett of is a precisionist. His flies are exquisite. They leave very zero room for deviation. When you hold a handful they feel eerily the same. But this is the mark of an expert and that he is. His flies aren't bulked up by some slob just adding materials. They are pure function, built with a vision in mind. With that said I went with his baitfish because the box needs them. When they arrived my mouth watered… these things are going to put the sting on them. I know it. Thanks Matt. I appreciate it. Everyone owes a visit.
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Make sure the check back next week for our feature tier number two!


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