Project Boat Box - Pat Cohen, Super Fly

This guy needs no introduction, but we will give him one anyway. The dude is the best in the business, so when you are building a custom tied box, you go to his site right off the bat! Our featured tier number 2 is none other than the maestro, RUSUPERFLY, Pat Cohen.  Any sucker knows if you want packed deer hair you go to this man. If you want something that no other bro out there can spin, he's your guy. It's as simple as that, but…
Pat Cohen deer hair bass bug assortment

I want that dirty. I have only spent a half a summer up here and I know what I want. My sights are set on slobbing down on those greasy smallies willing to play sloppy with me. I saw some visual crawdad eats that showed me exactly how low and slow a good one can eat. With that said… I went to Pat for something outside of the deer hair realm. Let's get down.
Pat Cohen sweet baby craw fly

First off I went for some Sweet Baby Craws that I can fish solo or dropped off the back of a larger unit. When we stick an oinker and post it up don't be surprised to see one of these hanging out of its lips.  It's just a matter of time. The second pattern I grabbed I’m thinking structure on the lakes…but,  really a picture can only do it justice. Ladies and gentlemen, the Slurp and Burp Worm.

Pat Cohen slurp and burp worm

Once again, thanks Pat!

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