About Us

Years ago, as a 24 year old newlywed, my wife and I moved to the Rocky Mountains in order to pursue adventure and exploration in the West. Forever I wanted to know how to fly fish and had taken it upon myself to finally dive into that culture. It was a chance for my new bride and I to take on life and tumble through the hills for a bit. Our goals were simple. We wanted to take advantage of our 24 year old bodies and live in a place where we could enjoy the scenic rockies, more times than not carrying a fly-rod. In doing so, one of our first stops when we arrived was Verizon Wireless.  We changed our area codes literally, but there was also a certain level of symbolism in those three digits. To us, it felt like those numbers represented our arrival. Our adventure had begun. In turn, I started a blog titled 720FLY. So yes, it was an area code that eventually became our brand. Overtime though it began to represent much more than that. Simply, it meant getting after it. Sleeping in hatchbacks, the dirt, or under picnic tables just to be close enough to see that sunrise in the morning… Years later, we realized there wasn’t a true trout-bum brand out there. So we created this new version of 720h that puts our unique art at the center of the trout-bum lifestyle. 720h believes that’s exactly what we are supposed to represent. It’s the connection between mountain rats, trout-bums, and the artwork we develop that keeps pace with your lifestyle. Our goal is to connect with you through our clothing along with pictures, writing and perhaps a cold beer along the river if we ever meet up! Below is the definition of that first blog. The original mantra from that blog still holds true today. Get the ‘f after it. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

“Living on Colorado's front range doesn't always feel the way it should. The proximity of the Rocky Mountains to the west provides outdoor recreation rivaling any in the country, and with a bit of effort almost anyone can enjoy it. Thus, 720Fly was created to track the adventures of one of these people trying to pursue these endeavors. Whether it's 20 inch fish on dry flies, cold December nights in the back of the trailblazer, or an ice cold Banquet at the end of an August hopper session, this blog will try to keep up – some stories no doubt better than others. Follow along…”